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08 Aug 2015 

Techweek co-founder plans new Fund Conference for investors - Chicago Tribune

"This new model can be beginning to work, and also I feel there's any actually intriguing conversation in which Chicago can lead nationally."

Fund Conference will also vary from Techweek, your annual weeklong conference and also festival Pasky co-founded in 2010, within scale along with focus, Pasky said. "How can we grow the ecosystem to ensure that we get there, or perhaps so that companies will usually be here so that will they could potentially get for you to there in a couple of for you to five years?"

Pasky said investors tend to be looking for new methods to again startups outside of the classic opportunity capital model. Rather, he envisioned 1 main conference that would draw curiosity to always be able to Chicago coming from round the country.

"If we can obtain 15 to twenty % of attendees through outside involving Chicago, in which will be a great success," Pasky said.

Copyright 2015, Chicago Tribune . Pasky stated he's interested in viewing reinvestment through Chicago's community regarding productive entrepreneurs to the city's newest companies.

"We're one step down below that," Pasky said. 7 in the UIC Forum, with 1871 CEO Howard Tullman => delivering the lunchtime keynote address.

Tickets are still available with regard to sale for $97.50 apiece, but will rise to be able to $195 since the date approaches, Pasky said. He noted that angel syndicates, equity crowdfunding as well as other concepts are usually attaining traction.

Techweek co-founder Jonathan Pasky can be back, launching a brand new conference this fall targeting early-stage startups and investors.

Fund Conference aims to draw in startups, speakers along with investors from round the nation to be able to Chicago for you to discuss trends and identify company opportunities.

Pasky, an attorney and CEO from startup-focused law firm Pasky Gruber, stated the event is planning to be co-produced through his events company, Dev Network, as well as Chicago-based Enterprise Connects, which hosts events for entrepreneurs as well as investors. He said he didn't agree using investors' decision to end up being able to host Techweek festivals throughout every season in various cities. Prtizker's => Chicago venture Summit, which can easily be expected to come back for any 2nd occasion this fall.

Pasky left Techweek inside 2012 to start their own law firm. "This conference can end up being a larger scale of what we're at present doing," Enterprise Connects CEO RJ Pahura mentioned within an e-mail.

With Fund Conference, Pasky hopes to become able to finally bring out that vision.

"What's happening now is a person make an effort to toss your money out there in a great offer of various areas along with an answer to a number of smaller sized wins over the board," instead of the uncommon huge wins opportunity capitalists shoot for, Pasky said. Entrepreneurs who would like for you to exhibit with the wedding may implement through Fund Conference's website.

Pasky said he sees Fund Conference as complementary in order to J.B. He is actually hoping for 500 attendees, and wants to see geographical diversity in the event's attendees, speakers along with exhibitors.

The daylong conference will take location Oct

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07 Aug 2015 

Ask the iTunes Guy: Importing single CD tracks, iCloud Download, Apple Music ... - Macworld (blog)

If an individual only provide an Apple music subscription, however, your current original files will not end up being changed, nevertheless in the big event you download matched files later on on the exact same computer after deleting them, or perhaps on a various computer, they will have got DRM.

The iCloud Download column this audience referring for you to can be usually the actual one with the cloud in the column header inside the screenshot below.

icloud download

The iCloud Download column informs you which files are literally on your own computer.

Q: Can Be there ended up being clearly any kind of way to remove the iCloud Download column via iTunes? . you may drag 1 or even a lot more tracks into a playlist, nevertheless only to a playlist. Also, Apple provides caused it for you to be extremely difficult to know how iTunes Match functions collectively with Apple Music. Playlists during my library which predate iTunes 12.2 toggle the time correctly, but new playlists I produce don't change in the rounded times.

Lots associated with viewers are generally writing throughout together with questions regarding iTunes 12 along with its quirks. An Individual can enjoy this music, add it in order to playlists, and sync it to iOS devices. and I highlight a bug within the approach iTunes displays several information about playlists.

Ripping individual tracks from CDs

Seconds count

Prior to always be able to iTunes 12, the actual sidebar displayed the actual selected library (Music, Movies, etc.) along with its playlists. I add these to a playlist referred to be able to as Temp, exactly where I can alter their own tags and also add album art. Can Be there some other approach to import just 1 track?

Have questions of your personal for your iTunes Guy? Send these people alongside for his consideration.

Q: Since iTunes 12.2, I can easily will zero longer toggle in between showing your playlist size in minutes (rounded up) in order to minutes with seconds upon new playlists. Previously, you could drag and also drop tracks from a CD right onto the Audio library. However, in which hasn't been your case. However, there's zero music library inside the sidebar; just your own playlists. Any time data is in the cloud, the truth is the cloud-with-arrow icon because column; when files tend to be on your computer, in which column is actually empty.

In short, songs which you supplment your library--music you have ripped via CDs, or downloaded from elsewhere--gets matched or perhaps uploaded for you to iCloud Audio Library.

However, if you quit along with relaunch iTunes, which column will display again. In case you are doing this, however, you will not have access to some of the audio within the cloud. When a person click this text, it toggles, when you say, between a rounded occasion and an exact occasion with seconds.

Click Import CD at the really best right in the iTunes window along with iTunes will import your checked tracks only.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Apple Audio and also digital legal rights management (DRM). can you explain?

Q: Occasionally I wish to rip just several tracks on a CD, certainly not the whole disc. Since the reader points out, you can will zero longer do this.

Too many clouds

In iTunes 12, when you watch a CD, you do not visit a sidebar. If anyone display the particular status bar--choose View > Display Status Bar within iTunes--it shows the quantity of songs tend to be in a playlist, its total time, and the room your files consider up. However, you're just renting this music; you are allowed to use it merely for as long as your Apple Songs subscription is active. I've filed a new bug statement with Apple.

You can easily hide that column through clicking your View Alternatives menu--it's your popover in the top correct with the iTunes window, and, in list view for music, it will say Songs. Because such, these files do get DRM, along with must have DRM since they do not belong to you.

If you have to do wish to import 1 or even much more tracks rather than an entire CD, everything you can perform can be uncheck the particular tracks you do not want to import. This is very crucial since I educate dance fitness along with just a few seconds count. Click Import CD and iTunes will only import the actual checked tracks.

I assume this can end up being a bug, and I actually have no workarounds for you to offer. In case you've an iTunes Match subscription, the particular files a person later on download will not have got DRM. This really is really how I typically rip CDs. Below: the identical playlist rounded in order to minutes.

I assume that whenever you speak in regards in order to the period toggling, an individual suggest within the status bar from the underside in the iTunes window. but in the big event you drag tracks towards the left edge of the actual window, the sidebar slides over. Now, a person can only add a monitor into a playlist. If all your music is on your computer, you'll end up being in a position to shut off iCloud music Library, but then changes you are making for your iTunes library won't sync to your some other devices.

I tested this as well as I can confirm in which new playlists don't toggle the particular time. Dragging one or perhaps more tracks from the CD towards the top of this sidebar additional these tracks for the music library. Click on Show Columns, and then select iCloud Download for you to uncheck it as well as hide it.

playlist minutes

Above: a new playlist showing minutes along with seconds. I look at your iCloud Download column in which displays inside checklist views. Can Easily a person aid me?

This column shows, inside record views, that files are in your computer, along with which are inside the cloud. The Actual simply way to hide it permanently is often to switch off iCloud music Library in iTunes' General preferences. I possess created concerning this here, explaining how the two services work together.

Confused with regards to DRM


Note the particular checkboxes for the left of the track names when viewing any CD in iTunes.

Q: I sign up to each iTunes Match along with Apple Music, and, through what I have got read, songs that will I download from Apple music should be DRM free. Performing this, I need not search for the files within my library.

You may also add music to your library coming from Apple Music. Throughout this week's column, I explain how a person can import single tracks through CDs, which is different in the most recent version of iTunes. I attempt to explain why Apple Music's songs files possess DRM

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06 Aug 2015 

Rauner: State needs to fix 'broken' education funding - Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

But we have to transform compensation so it is more based upon performance, performance, instead then simply ranking," the guv said.

"The real answer, the very best response, and also exactly what we have actually been supporting currently completely with is to provide neighborhood control of this issue," Rauner claimed. "This issue isn't just going to disappear. That's exactly what he stated he 'd do as a candidate, and his management's recruiting senior citizens to change state employees, talk of contacting the National Guard, and his incorrect cases about the fair adjudication bill all recommend that remains his strategy.".

But a Republican statesman that likewise has actually advertised education and learning financing modifications kept in mind that he hasn't been able to obtain a hearing for his reform bill, even though it has Autonomous cosponsors.

Rauner said he wants even more money to visit inadequate and also rural college districts.

Illinois Gov. We have actually agreed we're visiting form a compensation to take this on and deal with it," Rauner said during an information seminar in his Capitol office Wednesday. I particularly wish to enhance state funding assistance for reduced income areas as well as country districts that merely do not have the resources to be able to properly discover a whole school area.".

Rauner additionally claimed that AFSCME has "not made any concessions" in settlements.

His regulations, he claimed, calls for an "evidence-based" research study to identify "just what sources would certainly be required to give every student an ample education.".

But a central Illinois lawmaker who has been pushing for modifications to the college funding formula stated Rauner has to relocate swiftly.

AFSCME spokesperson Anders Lindall responded, "The governor's actions have not matched his words. Exactly what I do assistance is increasing overall state support for public education due to the fact that I think you understand that Illinois is dead last-- we're 50 out of 50-- among the states for basic earnings assistance for education and learning. Even if there is no lockout, Governor Rauner could aim to enforce his extreme demands and make staff members to strike in reaction. We're not visiting cut wages.

Yet Sen. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, called Rauner's comments "lip service.".

Rauner 0806

Image by: AP Image.

Barickman said he was encouraged to hear that Rauner pointed out institution funding reforms in his news conference, "yet I do not believe he's putting a great deal of focus on which reword he accepts.".

He claimed that the best response is "enable all college areas in Illinois, all local federal governments in Illinois, to have actually these choices made by them at their degree.".

"Now we're dealing with the timing, when do we wish to have a brand-new expense presented. And also we've made thorough efforts to attend to several of the management's issues.". The system has actually to be cured through activity of state federal government, meanings that the Law-makers as well as the guv need to interact to fix it. They come from the taxpayers and the regional citizens.".

"I do not support taking cash from some college areas as well as giving it to others. There's not cuts. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, is enroller of SB 1403, which calls for the development of a panel to make suggestions for the application of an evidence-based competence as well as equity formula for schools. Bruce Rauner.

"I have no passion in doing a lockout. Of the 16 cosponsors, four are Democrats, including Manar.

SPRINGFIELD-- Illinois' school financing system is "cracked," Gov. We're not going to talk more regarding it,'" Rauner claimed. I have absolutely no interest. "We're taking concerning the mechanics now. That's incorrect. The system isn't really visiting treat itself. The uphill struggle is trying to thread the needle of obtaining those points carried out in a challenging budget atmosphere as well as sadly a quite partisan environment today.".

Meanwhile, the guv denounced regulation passed in the Senate Tuesday that ices up home taxes statewide for two years, but doesn't accept expense controls he wants, consisting of constraints on collective negotiating amongst public employees.

Rauner additionally pledged not to lock out state staff members that are AFSCME union members during existing bargaining deadlock.

"That is possibly indicative of the environment we remain in now. We require less talk as well as even more activity," Manar claimed. Every metric shows that we are failing yearly after year with colleges. No hearing for something that has broad-based assistance," said Barickman.

"They merely kinda claimed 'We told you just what we really want. The schools don't come from experts in the system. Put it in creating. "If Chicago Public Schools require the capacity to have certain things taken out of collective negotiating, they ought to have the ability to do that. No lockout," the governor claimed.

Lindall stated AFSCME "has actually made few and also extremely small propositions which are focused on enhancing civil services, preventing privatization, ensuring safety and security and ensuring employees could manage health and wellness treatment as well as equal rising expenses. "We have actually made hardly any progression and also we've jeopardized off our preliminary proposals.".

"I feel, which I have actually verbalized now for two years, that this is the primary issue that we encounter in the state. But that's going to take leadership for the governor.".

He said Rauner has to show "bold management" and also act now.

The guv stated his management already has actually stated no AFSCME participants would certainly take a pay cut under his offer, however that things need to be flexible,.

"I have actually currently dedicated, no one takes a salary cut. That's the easy job. I wish to increase it and also making it more fair. I do believe that our existing state funding formula is cracked.

Sen. Bruce Rauner said Wednesday, as well as he stated he desires a compensation to evaluate the issue.

"Everyone's for a commission. I 'd such as to relocate us up substantially.".

"There's absolutely nothing more vital you can do with public tax dollars compared to fund education.

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06 Aug 2015 

New Higher Maths exam - why did the crocodile cross the stream? - BBC News

Scotland's exams body offers now admitted the actual new exam was too tough along with altered the grading of the results.

One query highlighted asked candidates to calculate time taken for a crocodile for you to cross any river as well as just take down a zebra, travelling at different speeds in water and land.

An on the internet petition had quickly known as around the SQA for you to review grades after the outcry via students, some of whom discussed the stress it caused, being inside tears and also becoming involved more than the actual effect on future studies.

A number of people who did felt it was as well hard as well as didn't reflect the style along with style involving paper these people ended up expecting.

The revamped exam was designed to fit a lot more closely using the new Curriculum with regard to Excellence, but not most pupils took the manufacturer new edition involving test this year.

How would you've coped using the new Higher Maths? Anyone can easily try the 2015 Past Paper here.

Other questions included an 16th Century problem about a frog and a toad falling down a new well, along with designing a new plaque in order to commemorate Alice's Adventures throughout Wonderland.

In 20 may this coming year a few students using Scotland's new Higher Maths paper were left in shock.

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05 Aug 2015 

WikiLeaks Docs Purport To Show The U.S. Spied On Japan's Government - NPR

had tapped the woman's phone.

. Embassy inside Tokyo said it absolutely was mindful of your report yet wouldn't say anything further. Mitsui additionally declined comment, as well as Mitsubishi did not return a new call. after documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden confirmed the U.S. spying about Germany, France and also Brazil."

We've reached out for the U.S. Back Again inside 2013, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff famously cancelled a state visit for the U.S. within the past. allegedly dispersed details from the conversation between cabinet-level officials from 4 ministries along with Japan's chief cabinet secretary about Japan's G-8 proposals in climate change.

In yet another document marked "secret," the U.S. in advance regarding its intention, because the ministry didn't anticipate Washington for you to approve involving this kind of goal, based on the U.S.

New classified documents introduced through WikiLeaks purport to demonstrate that the United States of America spied in Japan's government, too as about Japanese banks along with companies, including Mitsubishi.

In 1 document marked "top secret," the U.S. National Safety Agency, nevertheless it has not necessarily but answered our request comment.

Remember, these kinds regarding allegations get brought diplomatic trouble for your U.S. He added that will 'Japan will always employ every 1 of the required measures to protect (its) information.'

"The U.S. ...

"WikiLeaks provides released similar reviews of U.S. reaction to climate adjust concerns so far."

The Connected Press reports:

"Japanese Foreign Ministry press secretary Yasuhisa Kawamura stated Japan and the Usa are in communication in regards to end up being able to the issue regarding NSA 'information collection' yet declined to offer details. shares deliberation information regarding Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to reduce carbon emissions simply by half in 2050.

According to the document, your Minister involving Foreign Affairs had been "considering certainly not informing the actual U.S

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